Politics Today grabs attention with apolitical contents

As the election frenzy sets in, politics is sure to dominate the media scene. The voter is likely to be influenced and won over with partisan analysis. For the health of democracy and the larger benefit of the voter, it is important that a sane voice should prevail and get heard. Politicstoday.net meets this need. Without any slant.

It is a platform to present unbiased content related to politics and the contemporary political scenario not only in the state of Jharkhand but also in the country. Through incisive articles and blogs, it reaches out to the masses looking for objectivity. Besides, it educates the electorate on the voting process and the importance of voting in a democracy.  

It aims to strengthen the roots of democracy in India and tries to make the voter aware of the strength of his vote. Most of the time, the voter is anguished and reluctant to cast his vote. The portal encourages him to exercise his franchise as this is the only way to bring in change.    

With the general elections already announced, hectic political activities are underway. Regional as well as national parties are trying to woo the voter through multiple channels of communication including the digital media. He is flooded with information – sometimes false and concocted for vested interest. The confused voter needs clarity. Politicstoday.net cuts the clutter. Being apolitical, it focuses on the democratic process without trying to compromise the objectivity it holds supreme.

The portal has been made easy to navigate, visually attractive and loaded with relevant information. It has been split into key sections such as election updates, Lok Sabha 2019, regional parties, national parties, and Know Your Candidate section to offer the right background information about the candidates in the fray.  

Politics Today has created a buzz ever since it went live a few days ago. Get free access to fine reading material on politics online. Stay updated with what is necessary to know about politics – without getting stuck in the quagmire of political machinations.


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