High court’s verdict in Babulal’s defection case, the ban on speaker action; The government asked for an answer

The Jharkhand High Court has given a sigh of relief to BJP leader Babulal Marandi in the defection Babulal Mirandi case. The court ordered the adjournment of the hearing against him to the adjournment till the next date. After this, the court issued notice to the speaker and the state government, seeking answers. They have to file their response to the court by 13 January. The court of Chief Justice Dr. Ravi Ranjan and Justice SN Prasad has passed the stay order only on hearing in Babulal Marandi’s case.

Now it is up to the Speaker of the Assembly to continue the hearing in the case of Pradeep Yadav and Bandhu Tirkey or even stop it. The court said in its order that the hearing of the speaker in the case related to Babulal Marandi is being postponed. The court will pronounce the final verdict after hearing the speaker and the state government in this case.

In such a situation, the rule of the Jharkhand Legislative Assembly is unconstitutional. At the same time, it was said on behalf of the government that under the Legislative Assembly Rule, the speaker has the right to hear the case by taking awareness. During this time, the court has also sought a reply from the speaker and the government on the petition demanding BJP’s Babulal Marandi to be the Leader of the Opposition.

After the High Court order, the speaker has two options – The first is that the order of the Jharkhand High Court on behalf of the speaker will be challenged in the Supreme Court. Second, the court has only postponed the trial in Babulal Marandi’s case. In such a situation, the speaker can continue with the hearing in the case of Pradeep Yadav and Bandhu Tirkey.

Kiran Mondal

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